Somewhere > Haast > lake Paringa (81km, 4h30)

Today I’m going to reach the west coast of south island for the first time :-) The things I’ve heard about it is : green, Tasman sea and sand-flies! I will discover it soon!


Level, new!

I’ve just opened my tent and there is something wrong here… Where are the mountains?

Finally the weather is really nice. That’s strange because it’s wet and cold but there is fog. I thought it was a reaction between humidity and warm.

It’s nice to feel the sun this morning because my hands are so cold. This morning, after packing my stuff I couldn’t feel my fingers!

Behind me. Clouds, stay there it’s OK :-)

The see is not so far away now.

West coast is that direction.

Haast, the southern city of the west coast.

Heu, not a city and maybe even not a village.

Aaah book, there is more here :-)

I had a break to Haast and I wash my hair in the toilet room haha. I feel better now and almost clean :-) I met Peter again from Czech Republic. He was drying his tent during I was drying my jacket and towel :-) This guy realised in new Zealand that he wanted to become a cook. He is working in Queenstown and has one week of holidays. After this travel I will start his cooking studies in France. Good project man and good luck!

That’s Haast junction bridge. The west coast is waiting for me :-)

Hey, I can see it! The Tasman see :-)

That’s where I come from.

Effectively, west cost is green!

New kind of trees here.

I’ve stopped again for lunch time. It’s a nice place but everybody come to visit the same spot. Buses of Germans arrived. I would love to find a place in NZ without Germans. It’s getting annoying. Everywhere, they are all around NZ, why?

I finished my lunch but this place is full of sand flies. I couldn’t simply sit down and eat because if you don’t move, they eat you! Bloody sandflies!

The solution is : pant in socks :-) So, there is a short track along a river, let’s have a look.


Oooh, that’s a nice mirrored lake :-)

Now direction to…

The beach!

Certainly too cold for swimming and I’ve got more kilometres to do this afternoon.

Tasman sea :-)

Next stop : a visit to the “knights point” lookout.

That’s nice.

Toward the north as well.

And I’m now continuing cycle along the lake Moreaki.

So nice!

Still the same lake.

Final destination of the day.

Somebody told me that tomorrow is gonna rain… I hope he is wrong. If he is right, I will stay here.

So, I’m front of the lake Paringa and the sun will disappear soon.

The menu tonight : a hot miso soup with veggies, hummm :-) see ya!

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