Kaeng Khoi > Saraburi (19km)


I haven’t been very efficient today :-) 19km! At least, the slight pain I used to have a week or two ago on one leg disappeared. This morning, I cycled the 2km back to the café along the highway and stayed there all day. What an interesting day isn’t it? Cambodia will be more adventurous I think. Then, later this afternoon, I cycled a little 17km before discovering that nice spot! Unfortunately, there were some dogs around that didn’t like my presence… That’s surprising! Haha. I should make one of those slingshot and shoot their asses. I keep forgetting that. That would be a nice training, every evening shooting moving subjects :-)





This morning, I haven’t been surrounded by fish sellers but these “things” again… As you can see the space is big but of course, they want to come just here, and bark at me. Shut up!


Apart those dogs who just arrived, this morning, the night was quiet.


Now I’m fairly visible but at night under this roof, you must come close to see someone is sleeping here. Maybe the reflectors ribbon from the tyres could attract attention though. Anyway, nobody came around as usual. I’m pretty sure I scare people more than they do.


Lot’s of space as I said :-)


Last one and I packed my stuff! Actually, I’ve packed already ;-)


Jungle café :-)


5:30pm, I’m back on the road. This time, I’m out of the highway but there is still a lot people on the road haha.


That’s the spot where I slept last night! I presume it’s a night market then ;-)


Where are the fish sellers? I cannot see any :-)


Going through Kaeng Khoi…


Finally I didn’t cycle a lot today. I should have left earlier or keep on going this morning. Anyway, I want to be in Bangkok on June 16th so that pace is okay :-) I’ve turned around Saraburi and kept on going onto a nice little road. Then I came across this area. Yeh! Looks very nice! At least I can take a picture :-). I had more than enough metres square of roof under which fit my hammock. I tried to see if the roofs behind the bigger building would be quieter but I didn’t even have the time to reach it that dogs from somewhere there started barking. Ok, ok, I must avoid this area and stay as quiet as possible.

The road is actually on the right hand side, up a hill, behind the red roofs. Drivers cannot really see me from the road but some other dogs over there heard me unpacking my stuff or walking around I don’t know. Am I going to find a nice spot one day WITHOUT those annoying beasts hanging around? I’m really wondering…

Fortunately, few sticks and rocks were enough to shut them up for the next few hours. I need to sleep!

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