Wat Thung Sai Thong > Wat Khlong Nam Khem (80km)


Today was quite good. Nice weather, hot temperature, not much wind as usual, small roads to ride on. It would be even better if I would stop breaking, piece after piece, parts of my setup. I might be dreaming too much on the way because today I attacked my camera. No more camera, no more pictures… It would be very sad… I don’t say more, I’m going to buy a new brain made in China…



Monk always wake up very early in Thailand (and in any other country I guess). Here they use the “Gong” like “Booooom, Boooooom, Boooooooom, Booom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom”. Then they pray. And then!… They swipe the ground all together… hahaa.


We started cycling just for sunrise.


The palm trees, the beach, the sunrise, the postcard :-)


Fishermen port and village.


Sunrise on river.


Soon after the bridge we found a place where to eat. The food was very spicy but we survived. These colorful cakes and stuffed with peanut paste. They are not too sweet, just okay for a desert :-)


We are now cycling along the beach. That little shelter would be perfect for the midday break but it’s far too early.


We could work a bit on our blog and then have a nap :-)


Or maybe have a nap first and see if we have enough time to update the blog haha :-)


The only dark side of this place is this… Disgusting plastic everywhere!


And we keep on going!


Those very useful panels again :-) We might stop at “Thung Sang Beach” if it’s not too far away from this road.


Nope, that was only 1km away. No one here!


Uh uh… What is that? A paddle?


Hey, this picture is crisp this time :-)


It’s quite hot already so let’s have a short swim and then we will be back on the saddle again.


The seawater was nearly too hot to be refreshing. Very impressive. We kept going for a little while and reached that cute village on the coast. Tiny streets, vegetation all around, special Thai scooters :-) All in one!


On the left hand side the kitchen or washing machine of a restaurant or a house I’m not sure. Looks like there is a nice view over there.


Wow, very nice :-)


That tiny temple has a great view too!


The pier.


From another angle.


And another one.


Another mistake this afternoon… I was riding and stopped to take a picture. I put my camera back in its bag did something else and continued riding. But I miss one step… I did not close the bag, Arg! The camera felt down of course. I fell like I rode on a big rock. Two of my wheels hit it: the back wheel of the bike and then the trailer. Aie, Aie, Aie! I stopped straight away and saw Stephane picking up the camera. That’s another mistake… another big one too! What’s happening these days! Fortunately, this one is strong and still works. The flash does not pop up anymore but I never used it so that’s ok.

Since I’m travelling with Stephane who loves photographies, I can see that my camera is clearly not good enough to catch nice shot at night or have special effects. I’m thinking about changing it in Bangkok to get a new one with better quality and changeable lenses and maybe a tripod. That way I could keep learning photographie and go a bit further which is interesting.

I swear, I did not do that purposely!


We kept cycling during the afternoon and finally reach a small town to get some food.


Is that christmas?


Many little restaurant have this kind of bamboo shelter for customers to eat in. We stopped here for this. It gives a nice atmosphere :-) For once, the menu was clearly made with the translations under each meal we could choose. We pointed with our finger what we wanted. Then the guy did the same to make sure everything was clear. Perfect!
Perfect until I received something completely different from what I’ve asked. Now, try to explain the issue to three people that doesn’t understand anything in english. I tried and failed. I’m not really fancy about that because I surely don’t like wasting food so I ate my noodle with seafood when I should eat rice and chicken. That’s only a detail hahaa :-)


Another kilometre further we found this nice temple. We met quickly a Monk who let us sleep under this big shed for the night. He showed us the toilets and showers. Try to find out how to turn on the lights. Obviously Monks used to use these toilets buildings a long time ago. Today they have one per bungalow. Nice life to be a monk sometimes :-)

I like this kind of place because it’s well ventilated and we don’t have to set up the roof incase the rain would come at night. That way, we can sleep only with the mosquito net and enjoy the fresh night. Secondly, there is toilets and shower (with no lights ;-). That’s all we need and I don’t want more. Lucky us, we even have electric plugs. Life is too easy again :-)


Do not make too much noise, Buddha is going to sleep too ;-) Good night!

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  1. Heu ! Effectivement tu as trouvé la meilleure méthode pour justifier l’achat d’un nouvel appareil photos !!! Dommage, tu t’es raté, il fonctionne toujours ! Lol.
    Tu dis une pagaie pour l’objet hétéroclite sur la plage ??? Moi je dirais un morceau de système de chasse d’eau ! Chacun son imaginaire. Le mien parait plus terre à terre il est vrai ! Ça doit être à cause des travaux en cours dans ma maison ! Lol.
    En tous cas, jolies photos … avec le soleil, ça change tout !

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