Sydney (Darlinghurst) > North Sydney, return (23km, 1h15)


I’ve got some stuff to buy to fix my bike and I couldn’t find anything online. Finally I discover a shop in North Sydney which has everything I need. The road is surprisingly “green” as I thought I would cycle only along main roads surrounded by noise cars and buildings. There is a lot a cycle path crossing parks, this is really enjoyable.



Somewhere there on the background, there is manly and other cities, I guess.


A road only for myself :-)


Well… I’m happier than I look. I’m not listening music, I’m listening my GPS which is useful because

I don’t have to stop every 10 min to check where I am.

Later on, I arrived in the bicycle shop where people were really nice. I bought everything I need and had a chat with the team. The boss even offer me a fresh beer (I could not refuse) and another guy muffin freshly made by his wife. I come I could expect something like this!? If I’ve got another problem on my bike I’ll come back there next time :-)

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  1. Super sympas les australiens, je doute que tu sois reçu ainsi en France ! Attention bière et vélo ne font pas bon ménage ! Lol

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