Smithfield, watching down hill

Sunday afternoon, we came back to smithfield again because today there is a downhill event. I’m not sure but I think it’s organisated by a mountain bike club and anybody with can participate. They provide lifts to reach thetop of the track. This is cool but the level is too high for me so wathching is enough.

On the other hand Marco and Martin are ready because they have experience. Marco (in orange) is in the truck and we follow them with Martin’s car.

Let’s go to the top!

The track was quite steep but this truck is strong.
Everyone is taking is bike now.



I came back twice with the car and it’s interesting to drive on a 4 wheels tracks :-) I won’t like it every weekend but trying at least it’s fun :-)

The truck gone but the riders have still some energy. They are trying now to put as much bike as possible. Are they going to do it?

Of course! One car + 7 bikes + 8 guys :-) haha

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