Barron Gorge, walking / climbing / jumping


Today (I know it’s not really in live but don’t think about it alright? thanks :-) So today, we are going to live a great adventure in Barron Gorge. When I was in Kuranda 5 or 6 weeks ago, I’ve been to the lookout to see the Barron falls. Now we are gonna be inside with Martin and Marco. here we go!


This is the beginning of the ‘track’. Well, it’s not really a track because panels around says that we can’t get of that bridge but Martin has been there already and apparently it’s magic :-)


The other side towards the see. Some guys do rafting on that part but it’s not the plan today.


and we jump of the bridge! ooooooh bad behaviour!


Let’s reach the river now. In summer this gorge is inaccessible because of the amount of water.


Aaaah :-) THAT is the thing I like. I don’t like really walking but jumping from a rock to another is much more interesting ;-) Ho yes!


After few minutes the bridge looks small.


That beautiful and really cool down here.


When Marco put solar cream… OZ style… haha ;-)


This is the adventure part! Like here we have to cross a kind of big pool to be able to continue our trip towards the top! The water is fresh and it’s nice!


I’ve been crossing straight from the big rock front of me when Martin and Marco went by the side. Marco is drowning with his bag and shoes full of water. On the other hand, my new waterproof bag that I got in NZ is like a buoy. It’s much easier :-)


The adventurer mouhhahaa ;-)



This spot is great and we had fun with Marco and Martin. We can not see from here but after the pool there is like a vertical wall made in rock of course. there is like big steps and we could jump from 1metres until 7metres. The water is deep, fresh and safe. perfect!


What are you doing Marco? dancing? taking of your shoes?


We have to cross the water again. I like these “adventure” parts. And no worries, no crocodiles here. It’s too cold for them.


Looking behind again. wonderful landscape!


The Team :-)


The team plus a French guy…


We are continuing going up but I feel like the next part is a bit dangerous.


We come from the left side.


I don’t know exactly where to continue now. It’s quite vertical and we don’t have any proper equipment.


Marco find the way to go further but Martin wants to come back. Nobody is waiting for us to the top so we have to come back to reach the car on the car-park.


Amazing view from here!


We are almost arrived. This rock has an interesting colour. Looks like metal.


a closer look. Not really better…


I like the white edge along the rock. Could be salt? hmmm not sure because it’s a fresh water. I don’t know…


This is the bridge. And we somebody on the way. We were jumping again up there went David, a guy from Norway was climbing like us the gorge. Martin thought is was maybe a bit late for him if he wanted to climb until the falls. So David came back with us.


haha? How are you going to climb that now Marco?


That’s adventure!

It’s was a really nice day and a great adventure! Thanks Martin for that visit :-) But the day is not finished yet. The Cairns Carnival is starting today and there is a Parade in the city. Just the time to come back, take a shower and drive to the city center.

See ya!

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  1. Kia ora! Damien, Greetings from NZ! :-) Wow what a nice and amazing place, looking at all your photos ‘ Aussie Adventures’Awesome:-) I’m happy for you!

    You have a good day and a safe journey!
    God Bless..

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