Ōkaka hut > Hump Ridge Track > Port Craig hut (18km walk, 5h30)

Roooh! My feet are sour this morning… I hope it going to be better because now… I’ve certainly walked too fast yesterday. And I’ve forgot to tide my shoes correctly also. Maybe that’s it. I will slow down today. I’m going to reach the sea level again so I’ve got a long way front of me.


This morning I opened the curtain and saw this! It’s a good motivation to wake up :-) let’s move a catch some good pictures.

Reflect colours on the metal hut texture.


I’m coming back to the summit!


The movie starts :-)

Stewart island is still here.

A big range of colours!

Difficult to open the eyes early the morning :-)

It’s going to be a good day like yesterday.

I can see the track from here.

Nice and warm.


The bay is quiet and foggy.


I should move a bit.

I like the atmosphere of this one :-)

And this one.

He ho :-)

The sun continue rising slowly.

The lake Poteriteri again.

Larger view.

One of my favourite picture of the day.

I almost ready to leave and before a short visit. The kitchen.

The lounge closed in winter.

Let’s go and get warm!


Stewart island again.

Walking for 18 km more.

Like everywhere here the DOC made a huge nice work.

Luxurious path.

Fantastic view.

Pause, smile, go :-)

Are they looking dangerous?

Going down the coast slowly.


360° view!

I can still see the lake.


Technical passage ;-)

Good spot!

In the forest again.

I’m always surprised by the thickness of this forest.

Another style.

I’m going to walk on a old monument.

A viaduct. There is 4 like this one on my way.

Nice :-)

Yes yes I’m happy but tired maybe.

This way use to be used by a train to carry log through the forest to Port Craig from where they exported the trees.

And I met another thief!

With his team mate this time.

Another bridge.


And the longest one.

The government is going too close the Percy burn viaduct in one month because … We don’t don’t know. The DOC is making another piece of track down the river to connect the track.


Now, it’s a long flat walk until the net hut. My feet are painful!

And the old railway is slippery!

And those ones, good to eat?

Nice :-)

Ah… Was nice..

The port Craig hut! Out! It use to be the school of the village.

There is a king of natural museum around this place. I take all the rest of my energy for a last walk around.

This way is for tomorrow :-)

That the big hut like the last one where I slept last night but his one is totally close in winter time.

It’s certainly crowded in summer.

Really clear :-)

Port Craig international airport haha :-). Why not.

And where the plane can landed here?!

Simple view.

A big lounge for lazy adventurer haha :-)

So let’s go to the museum now :-)

Thy spread round old piece of machine used during the work, when the village existed.



A view on the Te waewae bay.

Let’s go down. I hope I will be able to come back to the hut after that!

There is no explication so we have to imagine. Humm that’s a boat, a car, no…

Hmmm, I don’t believe that I could see penguins here…

The rest of the port.

Artistic thing.

A train!

Like in Napier, there is those strange clouds.

There is so many sandflies here alt around my face! But they are small and move all the time.

I’ve almost pass this part…

Todd :-) I’m tired..

Ouhh, I’m on my sleeping bag next to the fire and it’s so nice. There is 3 guys working for the DOC. They feed me tonight with good Italian pastas :-) cool! Thanks! There is also a woman, Sally, who walk today until the Percy burn. That’s here who told me that they re going too close it in one month.

Three flours with 5 beds each :-)

Good night :-)

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  1. hello Damien
    je vois que ton voyage de retour est déjà bien avancé. tu as mis tellement de photos en même temps que je n’arrive plus à suivre. tout est magnifique comme dab et ces coucher et lever de soleil nous offrent des couleurs fantastiques. je me mets à la tâche pour découvrir la suite. j’ai du retard à rattraper depuis le 14 avril. je t’embrasse et te dis bon courage. bisous

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