Port Craig hut > Hump Ridge Track > Tatuapere (17km walk, 5h + 24km cycle, 2h)

During all the day, I’ve felt a hard pain on my feet. I’ve never walk like this before and without training, 3 days it’s long! I’ m going to have one day off in Tatuapere to get more energy.
I’ve met Sally again today. She is walking so fast, even her dog! When I told her I was going to pass Riverton, she gave me here address in case they were here when I will reach the city. It’s nice :-) I don’t know when I will be there but it could be a nice experience. We never know :-)



My ankle are painful but I’ve got no choice. Let’s continue walking.

5 hours more, ouch!

I’m suffering…

Grey grey grey…

The 24 km to come back to the city was solo long but fortunately I don’t use the same muscle when I’m cycling so the pain was OK.

I’m walking like a zombie at the end, so painful and tired. I lost all the video I shot the first two days… This Hump ridge track was marvellous and I won’t make the same mistake twice. I will tight my shoes next time.

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