Hayes Creek > Batchelor (98km, 4h50)


I’ve got the right pace these days. I sleep in the bush each night and for lunch I reach a town where I can avoid the heat and buy some refreshment, perfect timing again ;-) I wasn’t sure if I would reach Batchelor today but there was an unexpected shortcut of 10km so I finally made it. And to celebrate that I had a an expensive tiny frozen pizza :-)

Adelaide River Cycling



So, yesterday I could not reach Douglas Hot Springs and I’m still not sure if it will be on my way today.


Few kilometres after I’ve started, I finally have some more details about Douglas Hot Springs and it’s not on my way as I’m going right.


Douglas Hot Springs is 26km so 52km back… Nope, this is not for me. As a cyclist I don’t like to do the same road again. If I had a car or a motorbike I would go definitely there but not in that case. And I feel like it’s even going downhill so I will have to come back up hill.


I prefer to continue my way.


And there is nice downhills actually.


Let’s have a break. 40km.


Look as clean is my bike :-) Like new!


Darwin, I’m getting close! 32km and I will stop for lunch.


Robin Falls, did not expect that.


This place is actually a campsite and it’s free. I wish it would be 5pm so I could stay here for the night but I want to cycle a bit more than 50km today.


Nice little river. I’ve asked to some guys who were coming back from it and they told me it’s 10min walking and it’s worth it.


So let’s do this :-)


10 minutes later.


Hey, nice :-)


And super massage!


I would stay more but a guy came with his big camera so I felt like I had to move. Rah! bloody photographs!


I’m walking back along the river.


And 32km and 1h20 minutes later I’m in Adelaide River. This place is like an oasis.


Grass, water, palm trees, hot chips… very nice :-)


This is not the best transition… After having spent few hours in Adelaide river I came back on the road. I did not take any picture as the road was not really interesting. I’m now in Batchelor, the last town before entering in Litchfield National Park.


When I was riding I suddenly thought about pizza. Yes, Pizza! it would be nice!


That Batchelor/s pub here and I’m lucky because they have some pizza :-)


$16,50 for this… Wow, expensive! Well That the price to pay to get a pizza in a tiny village. I’m cracking my budget these days…

When It got dark enough I had a look around and found a spot next to a park. That same park is next to that pub. Just when I finished to pitch my tent, the automatic irrigation next to the road started… Basically there is the road, some grass, trees, my tent, more grass and the park. Fortunately it did not reach my tent because the trees protected my tent. I was finishing to unpack what I needed for the night and then thought, well, I could take advantage of this automatic irrigation and have a free cold shower. So, quickly I wore my bathing short and run to the water! That was fun and useful ;-)
The problem started when the second round of the automatic irrigation started. This time it came from the park and two of them started turning slowly. My tent was open and I was firstly surprised. I was looking at the irrigation to see if it was going to do a 360 degrees and it did! One of the water when straight in my tent. I just had the time to run front of it and protect the inside. Rah! I did not expect that! It’s going to be a wet night tonight :-)

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