Cairns, japan day


Today is Japan Day and I’m going to help Yoko in that primary school. These people are raising money to help the people of the unlucky Fukushima area. That’s good. I’ve been reading a lot of news since the accident happened and it definitely still on even if the media ignore it. I’m glad I can participate to an event like this.


This hall is too small to include everyone. Inside there is lots of stands who sell different things and outside there is almost all the japanese food. During all the afternoon there is several show like drums on a background of this picture.


There is also Martials arts performing by adults and children.

A short video of the atmosphere.

Generally this day is very interesting and the food is good :-) I think I’ve tested almost everything haha. I was just a bit surprised that during the performance which could be, drums, singing, dancing, fighting, no much people really paid attention. There was a constant background noise made by everyone. It might be a cultural thing.

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