Wang Tha Chan > Tambon Watthana Nakhon (48km)


Hello, that has been a very long time since I’ve updated this website. I’m actually in Siem Reap since 2 months and I’m going to stay a year (I might said that already). I’ve visited Angkor wat of course, the famous temple that thousands of people visit every day. I took so much pictures that I became so lazy to update everything and this blog froze… Today I don’t know what happened but I’ve found the motivation to keep writing this adventure :-)
Last night has been a very peaceful night. It didn’t rain but if it did I would have been totally fine. I like this kind of place, they are very convenient. Let’s pack and go!



I could have used this hammock though but I’m not sure I’d have slept very comfortably :-) It doesn’t look very safe too.


That’s organic scaffolder ;-)


I was not really far from the shower place :-)

Today was not the most interesting day again. I’ve done a short trip and stopped at an other amazon cafe I’ve found along the way. During the afternoon, it started raining so I decided to stay around until night time. I’ve found a place where to camp just behind the cafe. Unfortunately, there was some truck drivers sleeping in the area and every 20 minutes, something like this, they would turn on their engine to, I think, put a bit of air cond. That was so annoying. There was two or three trucks and they did that one after each other. That was quite difficult to sleep…

3 thoughts on “Wang Tha Chan > Tambon Watthana Nakhon (48km)

  1. Bonjour DAMIEN
    Jose et nous nous posions la question : No News …..good News ????
    Nous voilà ravis de vous savoir tjrs sur les routes, plus douces semble-t-il, à découvrir tant de merveille.
    Nous, tjrs en stand by à Phuket….. Appelons de tous vœux Buddah pour la vente de Tikai !

    1. Hello Nicole,
      Hello José,

      Oui, oui, tout va bien ici. Je compte rester vivre au Cambodge au moins un an. J’ai trouvé un boulot de prof de français anglais mais ça démarre très doucement pour le moment. Je continue de zapper dans mes réserves et j’aime pas trop ça.

      M’enfin, pour le moment c’est pas encore alarmant. Les élèves sont super ici et j’espère être un bon prof :-)

      Faut que je mette mon site à jour!

      Je croise les doigts pour la vente de votre bateau!

      À bientôt


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