Chachoengsao > Tambon Bang Khla (30km)


Morning! What a good and quiet night. If the sun would not come up that early I would have slept until 9am! Today, I came back to the same Amazon Cafe as yesterday. I must stretch time :-) I stayed all day and done most of the kilometres this evening. And that’s all I’ve done today :-)



So comfortable, but so hot already!


I’m never really far from my bike and don’t have to lock anything.


Trailer artistic picture ;-)


I don’t really know why this picture frankly…


Just to let you know, the left tree is the biggest. That’s why I struggled a bit yesterday night :-)


Lots of those nice purple flowers here. Nice to catch them in the sun :-)


The cool thing about this saddle is that it’s water resistant. No need to remember covering it each night. Let’s pack and go back to the same petrol station as yesterday.


That’s it for today. I’ve been cycling about 25 kilometres until I get to a village and slept around a stadium. At first I found a spot in the stadium where there was a broken “goal cage” upside down. Once again, it did not work out, the frame was to weak and bent under my weight. This time I could not find any solution so I packed up again and moved somewhere else. On the opposite side of the road there was a park but lights were everywhere! I ended up sleeping right next to the road front of the park where it was darker and very quiet (except some dogs who annoyed me for few minutes). Good night!

2 thoughts on “Chachoengsao > Tambon Bang Khla (30km)

  1. C’est bien aussi de jolies photo pour rien, enfin juste pour le plaisir !

    Dis donc tu deviens un lève tôt, par obligation certes, mais un lève tôt quand même.

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