Tambon Bang Khla > Palm Tree Forest (24km)


More I go forward and less I take pictures these days. I must say, the landscape is very linear here. The road is flat, the weather the same and I don’t do very interesting things too. The last night was pretty quiet. I’ve done about 15 kilometres this morning to reach the next checkpoint and later this evening did another 10km to find a spot where to sleep. Basically that’s it.



Most of Amazon Cafes look the same and that’s good because the atmosphere is good :-) When I stay a day here, I get a during during morning, go out for lunch and take another one when I come back. This morning, one of the girl working here offered me a iced tea :-) She might know I’ve been in many Amazon cafe before :-) Thank you! I will come back haha.

This evening, I left the highway very quickly and cycled on a small road. Maybe an hour later, I found a palm tree field with an easy access. Palm trees are a lot stronger than goal cage or little random trees so this time I didn’t have any problem setting up my campsite. Few minutes later I was asleep :-) Great!

I told you, not many pictures these days :-) Cambodia is coming soon! It might change :-)

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