Tha Rua, day off


Yes, that was a good night and a good campsite :-) I dared to sleep without the roof and this time the weather forecast was right: Not a drop of rain. Once, I packed everything, I got breakfast at the same local restaurant from yesterday then I headed back to the Amazon Cafe where I stayed all day and even until late at night. So late that I slept there :-)


Aaah, what a nice sky to start the day :-)


I must move very soon because it’s getting hot in here.


Cool! my bike is still here :-)


Fortunately, no competition was organised this morning. I could sleep until 7am, wouhouu! ;-)


Let’s pack and come back to the cafe (which is 2 km away).


That’s it! That’s the end of this day already. What do I do now? Should I go back to the motocross field or maybe I could just stay here. Yesterday evening, one of the girl who works at the Cafe offered me to sleep on the terrace. Finally I didn’t stayed but I think I will have a try tonight so I can stay clean. No need to cycle back to the muddy, dusty motocross field.

That’s the idea…

After a nice fresh shower, I’ve started the night on the bench at the back of the terrace. From the outside, nobody could see me as I was in a dark spot. Unfortunately, a petrol station is never really quiet. People come and go until late at night. Youngsters with their loved motocycle like to make some noise for no reason. The speciality of Thai and Laos people (I don’t remember if Malaysian or Indonesian do the same) is that they get to the station, park their car and let the engine running. Often, they would stay like 10, 15 minutes or more while the engines stills run. That kills me. So often I would like to tell them: “Can you stop you “f*****” engine, please?”. “Do you know what does mean the word ‘Pollution’?”. Not enough people seems to realise how bad becomes the air with all those car polluting. I’m pretty sure they keep their engine running because it’s convenient, because of the aircon. Sometimes, maybe more than sometimes I think, conveniency creates a lot of damage down the road. But nobody care, everyones lives in his/her own bubble and don’t think that one + one + one… can create a million which can arm seriously this planet.

I wish very deeply that I will still be alive when this planet will run out of petrol. I want to see what happens. The optimistic number are 50 to 60 years of reserve when the pessimistic are 10 to 20 years, yes! I believe the “normal” people will suffer before the riches. When humanity will inevitably face this point, it won’t be possible to fly anymore (except for super rich people who will have bought gigantic reserve of fuel for themselves with heavy security around). The electric car industry is growing but I’m not sure if it will be efficient enough, I think about transportation. The train will become the most important transportation for holiday purpose until engineers will find out how to transport 300 people in an electric plane. Good luck! Price of food and stuff in general might become outrageously expensive. Maybe, we will come back to local stuff which is a good thing.

I think I missed a little part of the story here. So, As I was saying, I started the night on the bench, and because of the noise activity and the uncomfortable position I finally found the way to set up the hammock at the back of the cafe. There was like a little tropical forest there with just two trees I could use. Then I could sleep :-)

2 thoughts on “Tha Rua, day off

  1. coucou Damien,

    un petit bonjour de la famille qui suit toujours tes aventures de loin. j’espère que tu as la forme et que tout va bien pour toi.
    profites-bien de tous ces moments uniques.
    bonne continuation dans ton aventure.
    on t’embrasse

  2. Et hop ! Un p’tit coup de gueule au passage. Tu as bien raison va, je réagis comme toi dans les mêmes circonstances ici !

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