Kuta, visit around and meeting Cecile again


I’ve quit the hotel at midday and have 4 hours front of me to visit Kuta and around. My bike and all my stuff being at Cecile’s house I must walk! I don’t know what to visit really so I’m just discovering. Definitely one of the most predominant business is scooter. I’m pretty sure each single street has at least one shop that repair scooter. Then I’ve seen some other who were specialized on scooter washing. And you can find petrol every 500 metres. There is lots of workshops that build/create their stuff right on the spot. I’ve seen some guys who were making a sofa :-) They worked on the “footpath”. In fact, there is not always a footpath and when there is one there is scooter driving onto it haha :-) Let’s start the visit.


The “signs” shop.


The stone workshop creating all kind of statues, fountains, pots, etc.


“Explora” a shop specialized in lamps and pots.


Rah, they could not put shops here because they cultivate rice :-) This rice is growing within this polluted environment… I’m not sure if it’s the best safe quality.


A colorful luster shop.


A furniture shop. They certainly create them on stage.


A common clothes shop.


The crazy traffic of Bali. Actually it’s quiet :-) Some of the driver wear a mask. I think they should all have one!


The fancy garland shop :-)

Few second later I heard someone calling me. What, here? where I don’t know anybody. This was Cecile shopping around with Christel her sister. They came here by scooter and proposed me to come back now to her house. Ok, no problem I will walk back, I’m continuing my visit :-)


The “birds and fake tiger (fortunately)” shop.


A road made for scooters.


Those roads are actually used (yes, by scooter of course) to allow people to reach their properties. Basically, each secondary road (where car can still drive) have those perpendicular access.


I’m out of this tiny road.


This is a “micro” temple used for offerings. It’s well protected. There is hundreds of them in Bali.


The frenzy of scooters. Yes, I know, I’m really focused on them but this is the major difference I can see when I compare Bali with the western world.


The glass luster workshop.


Another sculpture shop. I’ve seen a guy who was actually sculpting an 1:1 scaled elephant and another one sculpting a giant buddha head. I did not dare to take any pictures but I should have had.


The “Hendri” shop or I would call it myself the store workshop. Might very long to create.


Finally I made it :-)

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