Aireys Inlet > Glenaire (96km, 5h15)


Today I’m really cycling in the “Great Ocean Road”. I’ve got the wind and the sun with me so this is perfect. It’s definitely not cold at all and because Easter is finished, most of the traffic is going the other way. I’m glad to do this trip from Melbourne to Adelaide because I’m on the good side of the road. I can stop whenever I want to get the best shot!



Last night was another great night. Just last evening someone walked passed my tent and the woman said to her friend: “Look their is someone camping here!” She sounded a bit surprised and upset but she continued walking and I never heard anybody else after that. Now I’m packing my stuff and I will come back on the other side of the road to have my breakfast.


A breakfast full of nut paste and a hot tea! miam!


It’s 9pm and I’m finally on the road again! This morning the sky was so clear but the clouds came back.


Look at this crazy house!


Hehe, this is the real starting point apparently!


And I’m coming to Lorne.


That’s a nice backpacker this one :-)


A campsite on the opposite side of the river.


And the city centre where I’m going to have a break.


I’m now well rested and I can continue my trip. Few surfers here ;-)


This is a nice hotel. Old fashion style!


Wow! Great!


Along the road I’ve just discover that there is tones of blackberries!


The season is finished but there is still some fruits here and there. Humm, so good!


The coast is magnificent!


I’m going to enjoy the downhill after that :-)




No one there.


The next stop will be Apollo bay where I will have some lunch. There is more and more Tour buses on the road now. The tourists are coming :-)


Here I am, after 50km, Apollo bay. I’m hungry!


After an hour and a half break time, I’m coming back on the road. I want to do at least 80km today and I know there is a big hill to climb now.


Climbing the hill.


Few! is it the top?


On the other side of the hill :-) I’ve done already more than 90km now and I’m looking for a spot.


Look, this cow has almost the Australian map on her ;-)


The last lookout for the day. I was walking the 50m from the carpark when a woman coming from the lookout said: “It’s not worth it”. What?! You have only 50m to walk from your bloody car and it’s not even worth it to do it when you see a view like this? People get to lazy these days… move your ass and stop complain! pff!


I was going uphill again when I’ve seen, just before the top, a king of path. I had a look at it and discover this place. The lookout is down there, on the right hand side. What a view from here!


The land is not flat so I’m not sure if I will sleep well but it’s definitely a good spot!


I’m coming from this valley, all the way down from those hills on the background :-) 96km today, big day! See ya!

2 thoughts on “Aireys Inlet > Glenaire (96km, 5h15)

  1. Bizarre ta tartine ! D’un côté un concurrent de Nutella, et de l’autre ?? Sympa la vache, au moins elle ne peut pas renier sa nationalité en effet ! Dis moi, il y a une marée dans l’océan indien ? Parce que sur une des photos on voit la terre et plein de petites flaques laissées par la mer ou la pluie ? Faut que tu y goûtes pour savoir si elle est salée ou non ! Lol.

  2. You have changed the website as big pictures slide show! It looks great!
    The ocean is beautiful so as the weather. I am hoping the nice weather continue for you.
    (It’s raining in Cairns.)

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