Corio > Aireys Inlet (75km, 4h45)


Today is another interesting day as I met Alex and Dirk who guided me from where I slept last night until the city of Geelong. They described on the way through the industrial area which was the refinery (the biggest in Victoria), the fertiliser place which chemicals from Canada or North Africa, the Wood mill, and an old Whisky brewery . They wrote for me different places that I should  visit on my way which is very nice and helpful. Then Alex turned off to go home and I continued cycling with Dirk to his home and we had a tea at his house. And to sum up the whole experience they even give some money to enjoy even more the rest of my trip. I will use this money carefully, I promise. Thanks guys!



Let’s start from the beginning. This is where I’ve slept last night and it has been deadly quite the whole night :-)


I’m now with Dirk cycling on a cycle trail. Alex went home already. Dirk show me this place which used to be a factory or something. Today, it’s used by artists who come here and paint. Wendy, this is for you ;-)



And another full wall.


This the bay of Geelong!


I’ve left Dirk’s home. Thank you again for your invitation Dirk :-) I’m now on my own, visiting around. Geelong has a very nice Pier. I feel they are not very common in Australia rather than England. Maybe I’m wrong.


A street.


Closer to the Pier :-)


I continue to follow the coast and there is some funny sculptures like this one around.


Are those one and the beach.


Another kind of bridge where people and tourists can walk on. Nice!


Ah, those sculptures again!


I’m now in a park where I could have a short break maybe and enjoy the sun.


Ah I remember now. Dirk told me about the swimming pool.


And the hot free showers! So Good!


I feel so fresh now. Let’s have a short break to enjoy being clean before I sweat again ;-)


Geelong is nice. Is has a good entertainment area with that park, the swimming pool and the rest all next to the water.


Ok, ready? ready. Let’s go!


Hmmm, what’s this place?


Geelong has a quite strong industrial background but from what Alex and Dirk told me, the business has gone down a lot during the last 5 years and lots of places has been close down letting people without a job. The crisis is everywhere, even in Australia which is quite a strong country.


Ah, it’s a brewery again.


I try to follow my GPS and I’m now in a park, cycling on a cycle path along a river. Nice :-)


This is the end of the city I guess. For the first time I must stop and wait for a train :-) Ok where is it? Come on! I’ve got Australia to visit! hahaa


I’m on the good direction now. Straight to the beach!


And this is Torquay, the town from where starts the Great Ocean Road! I’ve heard so much about it since I’m in Australia. I hope it’s worth it!


At least, I know I like the ocean so I’m already happy now :-)


This is the next town called Anglesea. Peter and Wendy used to plan to come here today but I’m not sure they did finally. I left a message on their mobile. I’m continuing my trip.


Anglesea, river side.


Anglesea, the beach!


Drive on left. Ah… They should know that it’s like this in the whole Australia haha. Why do they put those sign here though? Too much tourists? Those tourists drive at least from Melbourne so they should where to drive or they would be already in the hospital or the police station. Weird!


See the lighthouse there? This is Split point and this might be my final destination for today.


Here! I’m very fast I know ;-)


The Split point lighthouse. I don’t know what does it split (because I did not read the information panel correctly).


Hooo, this is getting darker. I’m going to find a spot very soon.


Ah! this is one of the place that Alex told me about. This cafe has a really good decoration from the 60’s but unfortunately it’s closed (it’s Sunday).


Look cool!


Very old fashion car :-)


Looks like he eat in the cars? or maybe they are out when the cafe is open? What a pity this place is closed now…


That’s a good collection :-)


I’m now behind the cafe and looks like there is a spot there. It’s a bit too early so I will come later and pitch my tent for the night!


On the opposite side of the road there is this place with toilets and tables. Just perfect spot. I’ll eat and then go back to the spot I found for the night. Too easy ;-) See ya!

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  1. Que de choses intéressantes dans ce post ! Déjà j’aimerai bien savoir s’il faut que je change de lunettes ou est-ce que j’ai bien vu que les gens étaient habillés dans la piscine !!! Bizarre ces australiens ! Sinon, belles rencontres, belles plages, belles photos ! J’ai bien compris que ces messieurs rencontrés t’avaient donné de l’argent ??? Une sorte de sponsors en fait non ? Décidément Damien, je serais toujours étonnée par tes aventures ! Avant que ça arrive en France un truc pareil …

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