Port Fairy > Narrawong (59km, 3h10)

Finally it did not rain that much yesterday. Actually it stopped just when I finished to set up my tent and organised everything for the night. It’s often like this! As I said yesterday, I found one more good spot in a park. The only thing is it’s a bit dusty so I will have to clean my tent before packing it. This morning is quiet, certainly because the holiday period is over and it’s too cold to play at 7:30am :-) Today I’m planning to go to Portland but I want to swap my tyres as well and I know it’s going to take a while. I want to make sure the weak tyre (actually the rear one) doesn’t carry most of the weigh so I will put it on the front wheel. That way I won’t have to change it because $75 for a tyre… That’s expensive!


Hidden under a dead tree. How come people would come here? And why? :-)

Ready! I’m on my way to the city center. I’d like to go to the library to work an hour on my blog. And it’s too cold to start so it’s the perfect time. Port Fairy seems to be a nice little town as well. It’s good to have a look around.

The port of Port Fairy :-)

The city centre is not far away.

I used to pick apples on trees but those olives are not ready yet. Next time!

Aaaah, this looks like the main street is here.

I’ve checked the library and it will be open in 30 minutes. Brrrr, cold… A hot chocolate would be great!

Hooo, I’m gonna love this one :-)

I’m not lucky… The library was closed today. it’s closed on Thursdays and Sundays… Why?! That’s ok I’ll go in the next one. I stopped here not because the area is really nice and I love rubbish but because I needed to take off a layer. I feel too hot.

There is some more windmill in the area but not all of them are producing energy at the moment.

There is some more windmill in the area but not all of them are producing energy at the moment.

Farmland, flat, straight, a bit boring…

Nice sculpture :-)

I was looking for a spot where I could stop for lunch and I think Narrawong is the place :-) This path goes to the beach so I’m pretty sure I’ll find a bench and water.

Water, not drinkable but this is water :-)

Over there is Portland, my today’s goal.

nd this is the place where I’m going to spend few hours for lunch.

Aaah, good to have a rest!

It was hard to find the motivation but I did it. I’ve dismounted my bike wheel (which is very easy). Then I was looking for a solution for my tyre and I thought that I could make some stitches! Tyre is rubber so it might work and that way, it should reduce the strees on those two areas. At least I will try. Then the harder part is to put everything togeter.
In fact, I’ve got two pair of tyres and on my previous bike the MTB inner tubes I had was quite extensible and fit in both MTB and road tyres. This time, with that new bike I expected to do the same but the MTB tubes are too big for the road tyres. Which means, everytime I fit the tube in the tyre and mount it on the rim, I can see the tyre pinch the tube… Of course if I pump it up like this I will ended with many holes… And I on mistake, bam! 3 holes… I think I spent 45 minutes to mount the first wheel and twice more on the second one. I was going crazy. I absolutely need to but thinner tubes before I got in trouble. I will order some in Adelaide today so they should be there on time when I will arrive. This is my fault and this is so annoying!
Finally, I won’t cycle further today and I think I will sleep right here. I’m pissed of (with myself) and I need to sleep. See you tomorrow then.

2 thoughts on “Port Fairy > Narrawong (59km, 3h10)

  1. Oh, the tyre trouble… Adelaide is not far a way!
    I get disappointed with the many rubbish beside the road. We all have to keep our place beautiful.

  2. Allons bon, te voilà reparti dans la couture maintenant ! Après le tricot ça change me diras-tu ! Je vois à travers tes photos quelques similitudes avec notre bonne côte d’azur. La mer bien sûr, mais aussi les olives, les ordures qui traînent, vive le dépaysement ! Lol. Bon, ton super vélo te fais de vilaines farces en tout cas, à son prix c’est pas sympa ! Bon courage Damien, et choisit bien tes routes !

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