Waikawau > Coromandel Town (30km, 2h30)

Today I’ve planned to reach Whitianga by the 309 road. This night was cold. It confirmed itself when I discover this morning that all the grass was freezeed! We are in the end of winter and it’s the first time I see that, I’m really astonished!


I know now why I felt cold tonight!

Aaaah as yesterday the view is still beautiful :-).

And one bay more, maybe it’s kennedy bay but I’m not sure.

Come back in the bush with gravels in option.

I hope during my way back to the south I could see the evolution of landscape. That’s why I take these pictures. I know it looks like the same of another sometimes… But it’s New Zealand :-)!

Something exceptional! A bridge…

Fiou! I’m tired… Fff, Fff, I’m was in the valley there where I took the bridge’s picture.

That’s coooool colours :-) hey hey! But I lost my flag yesterday in the track! Rah! I should buy a new one but here? There is nothing… In Tauranga certainly I will find a big bike shop.

Finnally the top! It was a looonnng slope. The view is fantastic!! Few minutes ago, I heard a car coming, ok super and…? When he saw me and passed next to me, he accelerated to make a really annoying sound with his tires just to show me as a good driver he is, pff. F***ing driver!

The preview way down to Coromandel was terrible! I liked it :-). But it seems to have something maybe interesting there. Hey I remember! My NZ present something about a Potter who made a train in a mountain to extract the ground and make pottery. But I think the visit is expensive… Ok, I’ll have a look.

Effectively it’s here :-) but is it interesting? That’s my question. It’s not something truly new zealand but certainly a tourist place. I will see it in a minute.

Whoo, this place looks cute. haha yes I remember this as well. This man call the top of his mount “Eyefull Tower” that’s why one of the panels indicate “Eiffel Tower”. Maybe he build something to the top? But I can’t see it.

The original logo certainly made by the creator of this place.

Whouahou! This train is really cute. It’s better than Disneyland here! I hope I will have enough battery… And enough time to go to whitianga as well because the camp is too expensive here.

I’m proud of this picture :-)

There is many trains everywhere. This guy is crazy!

How to resist, it’s expensive (25$) but I want to see that.

I’m ready :-)

And… That’s me and all the other people are on the over side. But something tell me that I will the first soon :-).

Here we go! This man did a genius work! It’s fantastic!! I’m impressed and I’m not the only one that’s sure. The driver, it’s Peet. Once a year he travels by bike like me with a friend. During the visit, when he was on my side, he told me that Whitianga is too far away to reach it today. But I know the camp in Coromandel is expensive. Then, he propose me to plant my tent in his garden for the night :-). Cool!

Star wars effect :-).

Great job!!

This sculpture reminds me Miyazaki.

Sometimes the train has to change of directions to continue his way toward the top. And this checkpoint is gorgeous. The train stop on a half bridge front of a wonderful landscape! A video should be more clear than me…

That’s the final station : the Eyefull Tower :-).

There is a little room underneath the big terrace.

We can hardly see the “half bridge” where we stop front of the wonderful landscape. There is a little white thing on the middle of the forest.

I’m not sure this part is original. They certainly builded it later before opening the site for tourism. They organise mariage here or bbq for groups who reserved the place.

It’s following me everywhere :-)

Fiou! It’s wonderful. It’s almost the same view when I reach the top
of the last hill this afternoon.

I’m here! and happy:-).

Pete explained to the group that we’ve paid 25$, it’s not nothing but there is part for him, haha sure! And a part to repair and conserve the site. And another one, like a donation, to continue protecting the forest, planting new kauri trees and reintroduced slowly the Kiwi bird. I have a great visit and I give my help, I like it :-). Pete also told us that the creator is still alive and he will turn 77 years old soon. He is living around and continue to work for the site. Fouah! This guy is really tough!

haha :-). It’s really like Disneyland. There is details everywhere even on the bridge :-)

This view is really perfect!

During our way back, Pete explain us the purpose of these “bottles walls”. The recycling bottles make walls stronger but the creator had to organise lots of parties to empty all these bottles :-)

I’m trying to take pictures of sculptures he made but it’s not easy in this moving train…

That’s fantastic!

That’s it, we are coming back and I don’t regret this super visit! When I think I’ve almost missed to go here…

This is the plan of our visit.

Pete hasn’t finished to work yet but he explained to me where he lives. So, I went there and told the story to his wife and now I’m ready to camp :-). Matt, their son, is sound engineer in a band and Caitlin, his girlfriend is an artist. She create tiles in different shapes, decorate them and sell them thought shops in New Zealand. I’m stay with an artistic family in fact :-).

This night should be as cold as the last one so they give me a second mattrees, a second sleeping bag, a cushion and a blanket :-). I’m gonna be ok tonight, better than in a hotel hhahaa.

Caitlin give one of her creation :-) thank you! (It’s ok it’s not so heavy ;-), always my problem I know haha). Perfect day!

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  1. Hey Damdam,

    It was a long time that I have not post to your blog. Your travel is so amazing and your pictures marvelous ! I’m currently reading your posts but I cannot reach the end ! It’s the reason why I post to this news.
    The railway system is so great ! How much it’s takes to go through it ?
    And the frozen pictures are so beautiful, with all blankets and every things you easily could get warmer :). I’ll post on your last news when I’ll reach it !. Till this time, have a good new zeland trip and more and more to tell us (My daily pleasure is to read you while I’m going to work by public transports in the morning, people around me should be curious to know from where are those pictures :), and I can read from my new galaxy nexus !)

    See you soon on this blog !


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