Port Jackson, day off

Nothing special today, just relax and wondering if I will arrive to take a cold shower or not…

I like to be wake up by the sun :-).

Today the weather is rough, rainy and windy, not so cool for a day off… Fortunately I have a great view from my tent.

It’s better like this.

This campsite is huge! I’ve seen a picture at the entrance, in summer, the grass is almost not visible. I should come back in few months to compare.

Actually I’m not going far away. I’m caring my small rubbish bag to the special place 1km ahead. And it’s the occasion to recharge my phone :-). The wind is really strong and pushing me up to the hill! I should take my over-trousers because a shower is coming…

No more pictures for today… I’m spending most of the time in my tent this morning because it’s so cold and so windy! This afternoon I’m preparing my trip for the next five days :

  • Day 01, Tomorrow I will ride on the “Coromandel walkway” between “Fletcher bay” and “Stony bay”. It’s right no the top of the peninsula and it’s available for cyclists and walkers only :-). I heard and I read It’s an hard way but I’ve decided to go ALL AROUND so I’ll do it even if I have to push my bike. And I certainly don’t want to come back by the same road, it’s not interesting. I have the chance to cycle because the cars can’t take this way. And then, if I have some energy left, I will plant my tent 20.8km farther in “Waihiwau bay” for the night.
  • Day 02, I will go to Whitianga to by some food. There is two roads to reach that city : the coast and the 309 road. I’ll go by the second to see for the last time some Kauri trees.
  • Day 03, I’ll join to Whangamata. There is a DOC campsite there. On my way I’ve plan visiting “Cathedral Cove” and “hot water beach”, two wonderful places.
  • Day 04, I’ll ride until Te Aroha. I’ll quite the coast for the land side. There is some good mountain bike tracks and hot springs.
  • Day 05, I’ll finally finish this plan to Tauranga where I’ll stay some days I think. During this last portion there is Matamata, the place which was use for the movie “Lord of the Ring” and the last one about the hobbits. I’ll go and visit the village! :-).

These 5 days are going to be full of souvenirs! Ah!, and last thing, normally I should find a way to use internet in Tauranga and put all the pictures of the last days because many things appended :-) and I prefer to put the texts AND the pictures in the same time. This one is an exception :-). See ya!

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  1. Hi Dam! Whou such a good trip these five days! I am waiting for the fotos! :-) Enjoy your days off in Tauranga and with the hobbits! :-)
    See you on your blog! Kisses

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