Upper Mongogarie, frog savers


Today is again a colorful day, different jobs, different skills, different experience. We are three and there is still work for all of us. We even save the life of an unlucky frog, crazy! haha ;-)


We were ready to work on that tank when we discover that there was a guest inside it.


The weather is dry and this frog found the solution : jumping in our water tank as did the mouse few weeks ago.


Hey, finally Jamie catch it but he is scared. I keep telling that it’s going to jump on his face :-)


We are not sure if this kind of frog is poisonous or not but we prefer to pay attention.


Jamie poured the frog on the ground and ran as fast as possible! Ahhaha I’ve got the video and I will put it later one day, very fun haha :-D


You are free little big frog :-)


Our original goal was to empty that water tank and clean it. Now, without our green friend we can do it safely :-)


There is so much sand on the bottom because the last guys didn’t finish the work properly and didn’t put the filter on the top. We cut the gutter (goutière) as well to fit everything perfectly together.


I thought I was in the frame but is miss it haha. We must also clean the solar panel to improve the efficiency,. Let’s do it!

3 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, frog savers

  1. Pas bien courageux ces english, hein ! Tu parles d’un cinoche pour une malheureuse grenouille mortelle … peut-être !

  2. You have changed the blog design! It is nice!!! and it’s your favorite color “Brown”. (was it brown before?)

    The “Green Tree Frog” is cute. We get the type of frog in Cairns as well. People like the frogs in AUS.
    (Japanese people simply scream and run away.)

    Your new wwoofing friend (Vilma?) looks pretty and healthy, also strong!

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