Upper Mongogarie, big lezard visiting the house


Today, weekend, a new wwoofer is joining us. Vilma from Finland :-) She gonna stay 2 weeks and she doesn’t seem to want to quit like the Estonian couple and the French guy. And we are even four wwoofers because this big lizard came inside the house somehow. He is stuck front of the window and of course doesn’t understand why? It’s only a lezard… It finally came back towards the kitchen and we chased him/her outside.


We did a good job today (like everytime of course ;-). We started working on the other side under the shade and then we moved front of the house to follow the shade and clean this area. It’s not finished yet but it’s on the good way. Vilma is strong and useful! This is good :-) We will take some pictures of three of us later :-)

5 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, big lezard visiting the house

  1. Allez encore une image pour mon album souvenir dans la catégorie “animaux” ! Balaise le lézard, il ferait des jaloux ici ! Lol

  2. Congratulations on new wwoofer joining in!
    More people more fun!

    The big lizard is “Goanna”.
    One of those came to our backyard before.

  3. Hello Damien! Its good that you have another helping hand, :-) More hands can makes work lighter and more fun!
    The Lizard is huge! its a big wwoofer! :-D

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