Upper Mongogarie, rainy day finally!


Finally! After three weeks spending in the region (yes, already) it’s… raining! On one hand it’s very good because the water tanks gets feel. On the other hand, it’s less fun because the solar panel doesn’t charge a lot haha. It started rainy this night and the current stopped during the night like every time actually. Seems like we use too much power or the electric system is not strong enough. Sue and Keith have lots of electric stuff here so I’m not surprise. Just an example : Three fridge and two freezer working (at least try) 24/7.


Because it’s raining, we finished this morning fixing the toilets haha! we done it! Now we just need water lol but it’s coming soon ;-)


Then I finished to fix my door by adding the handle. I had to make a hole on the edge on the door but it’s an easy job :-) I’m carpenter don’t forget that ;-) (joking of course)


After lunch I had a look at the garden and all the work we need to do and there was some kangaroos eating peacefully front of me, nice!


Jamie mist the kangaroos and we walked outiside of the property to see the kangaroo again (if we are lucky) and to check how is the dam where we must fix the pump to bring the water in to the house.


The water pressure washer we bought this week is going to be use to help the pump pushing the water up to the water tank of the property (actually behind this forest). We are gonna do that on Monday certainly because soon it is the weekend :-)


Flowers :-) Good weekend. I’m gonna work on my blog : writing everything from the end of august until I left Cairns (and It’s done now :-) and continue working on the next version of this blog (new menu, new comments presentation, video page, best pictures page, etc.). Hard job! See ya

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, rainy day finally!

  1. Fantastic toilet!!! Beautiful!
    Good job, Damian & Jamie!

    It’s nice to hear that you had a rain.
    We had a good rain early this morning as well.

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