Upper Mongogarie, fixing masks and toilet


Hey! This is the picture of the day. impressive! hmm at least for me… :-D
Anyway, today is hot and even at nine o’clock the sun is already strong! we must find a job inside or at least in under the shade.


So we finished to clean the mess created by our dear previous wwoofers. Now it’s properly sorted. The thing is : We asked to Sue if they wanted to recycle them and they will do it only if Tender Center accept to pay for it… Come on! it’s our planet! Stop polluting it like this!


We found something to do inside : hook some hooks to fix more masks and Christmas decoration.


They have a great collection of these wonderful masks. Sue and Keith had the chance to travel a lot. They have been more that 10 times around the world and knows many places.

these ones are my favourite I think.


but the work on this one is cool!


New job, new goal, new problems. Keith asked us if we could clean a toilet room and I proposed to repair the toilet. The bottom doesn’t fit with the top part and the last plumber didn’t find the solution. Come on! there is so much stuff around. It’s the cavern of Alibaba here! We should find the thing we need, I’m sure!


The part of the solution is : changing to seat because any top part (the water tank) fitted with the base. The problem is, we must cut the pipes to adapt the new seat. But it’s not a problem because this afternoon we are professionals plumbers haha :-)


Let’s come back to the Tip and find the tubes and connections we need. It’s here, I feel it!


During our research I found this bunch of tools on the ground. All grouped together like that. Impressive! We find tools every where, every day here but these one are useless. hmm I consider this as Art, the power of nature. Reminds me something suddenly… Entropy! Martin, Martin :-) You are right (of course). Entropy means : Everything turn to dust and this is the name of Martin’s company who care about satellite tower system because if your don’t the nature surround everything and finally win!


So, we found every pieces, cut some tubes, test the toilet and it works! Even the last plumber didn’t find the solution haha. Now we just need to fix the water tank on the wall but the battery of the drill (perceuse) ran out of power. Next step tomorrow :-)

4 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, fixing masks and toilet

  1. Je suis pressée de voir le résultat, surtout quand la première personne va s’asseoir dessus ! Lol
    Les masques sont jolis, mais il parait que ce n’est pas très bon d’avoir plein de masques africains dans sa maison. Avec toute leur magie noire on ne sait jamais. Et pense à Jumanji ! Lol

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