Upper Mongogarie > Lennox Head (return)


This afternoon, I’m going with Sue in Lismore and then to Lennox Head. Keith bought a water pressure washer on internet. We are gonna use it to add pressure to the pumping system that will allow to bring water from a dam to the house. Then we will have “almost” unlimited water.


2:30pm, We just arrived front of  “Tender Center”, Lismore. This is, I think, The favourite place of Keith and Sue :-) Here they can sell and buy second hand stuff. Since I arrived we’ve been here four times haha. It’s a good way to recycling, this time I’m totally agree with them. And they make money out of it, if they sell their “products” of course.


There is everything here. The choice is wide and intersting. Difficult to resist certainly ;-)


Today Sue is selling : glasses, dishes, hair shaver, tissue.


There is even a car!


a few chairs :-)

some desks, couch, stroller (poussette).


bicycles! No, okay mine is certainly better


?! hmmm, That gives me an idea. This unicycle + my trailer = 2 wheels!
Means I could be lighter!
Means I will be faster and original by the way!!
Means I won’t have any gears!!!
ok, next…


Fridge, washing machine, a Christmas gift? For everything you want here, you must propose a price. Then the seller will accept if your proposition is above his minimum price. It’s like ebay but in the real life :-)


We are now going to Lennox Head on the coast.


Oooh the sea, it’s a long time I’ve seen it :-) Almost one month now.


fiou! it’s nice, VERY nice. And it’s smell nice, VERY nice and ok stop… :-)
It’s very windy as well and some crazy guy are struggling (lutter) against the wind : one kit-surfer and 2 wind-surfers.


The other side. These owner are very lucky!


The ocean front street of Lennox Head.


Some strange trees with the roots coming outside of the ground.


wow! I’m going to cycle here later!!! so cool!

A GIGANTIC Prawn! Apparently Australian like big things. There is a GIGANTIC banana in Coffs Harbour and I GIGANTIC potato somewhere else. This town use to be a commercial area for prawns so they build that BIG one. But then, the company bankrupted but they decided to keep this piece of “Art”. Now it’s part of this car-park owned by Bunnings a DIY store… (magasin de bricolage > google trad)


The mission is finished and we are coming back to the property. Jamie stays at home today because they thought I was THE guy to analyse and remember how works that” water pressure washer”. It’s not really fair because it’s very easy and we could find the solution on internet. Next time it’s your turn Jamie :-)

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie > Lennox Head (return)

  1. Beaches are much better than Cairn.
    I can feel the breeze just watching the photos!

    I would love to visit the “Tender Center”.
    I love recycling!

  2. Hi Damien

    It is great to see your adventures… I am in Tahiti right now… It is raining but the Job is going well..

    I have photos on GOOGLE + and work stuff on entropy.info

    Thanks again (Merci) for your great work to make my blog site…

    I wish I could speak French in Tahiti… I use ” JU TU Lesse Fairre ” allot here..

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