Upper Mongorarie, Shelters cleaned


This morning we finished working on the shelters. All the paint is now inside the right one and we should be able to make more shelves (étagères) inside the left one so we could put more things inside. We need to find room for ALL the things around this crazy house. Henceforth (désormais > google trad) it’s clean and tidy (bien rangé).


Hey so much place here. We could even play tennis! haha


We organised every paint by brand and colour. Now I’m gonna right the price under each row and make some money :-) hehe


Okay, this is the next job. Clean all that rubbish let by the precedent wwoofers. When I see this I can imagine how these guys care about the environment… Thanks guys!

One thought on “Upper Mongorarie, Shelters cleaned

  1. Sheds are so clean and tidy!
    I can live in those sheds!

    I can see Coca Cola cans, may be you don’t want to drink them any more. ;)

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