Upper Mongogarie, shelters’ shelves


We’ve done a good job this morning and after changing plan many times we find the good way to build light and strong shelves with pieces of wood we found around. Now there is lots of room in the right shelter :-)


most of the time we use doors. They are light, strong and there is so many of them. They bought theme in auction (aux encheres ) and they pay something like 30 cents each.


our beautiful recycle shelves!


Same on the other side.


Hey, now we are gonna move these paint to the new shelter and then work inside this one.


Later this afternoon, we make use of the cool temperature to work “ouside”. We had lots of rubbish and Jamie asked to Keith or Sue where we could put them. The answer : on the right side on the picture. Nut there is wood spread on the ground so before, organised this.


Half of the job is done for this pile. The rest tomorrow :-)


As I mentioned before, we don’t have so much water left and it’s not raining since minimum two weeks. So I decided to wash my clothes at the river :-)


I crossed the road and guess what? This field is a part a there property and there is what? more stuff of course. This is endless…


Washing, washing… it’s quite here I like :-) I’m following the good rules. take the water from the river, a slight bit of “green” product and then I pour the dirty water somewhere in the field to let the ground absorb and filter the water. I do my best.


The view :-)

Everything is very nice here but something went wrong today. When Jamie asked for the rubbish, they told him that later, we are gonna dig a hole and bury (enterrer) all the stuff in the garden. What?!!! I’m not gonna do that! Certainly not! They want to do that because they don’t want to pay the transport. Of course, so easy! Always a question of money, bloody money!!!

They moved in the middle of nowhere surrounded by this nature and animal to do what : POLLUTION. They don’t care about waiting water. They don’t care about ecological products. I’m not sure they deserve to live in a place like this… I’m really disappointed…

3 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, shelters’ shelves

  1. It’s must be very hard to live with limited amount of water.
    It had been very dry in Cairns as well, but we had a good rain 2 days ago. :)

    I am curious, what kind rubbish are going into the hole?

  2. Allons bon ! Décidément c’est pas demain que nous aurons une planète propre ! C’est là qu’on se rend compte que ce n’est pas l’affaire des gouvernements (enfin si, aussi) mais surtout une prise de conscience individuelle. Je crois qu’il faudra attendre au moins 3 générations pour cela, et encore, si les parents et l’éducation nationale pensent à éduquer leurs enfants. Prend patience Damien, obstine toi à continuer sur le bon chemin, mais ne t’attend pas à en voir les effets d’ici à longtemps ! Hélas !

  3. Hey !

    Rangez pas trop sinon ils ne vont pas retrouver toutes leurs affaires !
    J’espère que tout se passe bien pour toi en tout cas ! De notre coté tout va bien ! On travaille les deux maintenant !
    Bisous copain !!

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