Ratchaburi, Pottery factory visit with Pita


This afternoon, Pita offered to visit a pot factory. Pottery is the emblem of Ratchaburi which for decades had the best mud in the country and produced very good quality products. Today it’s still the case but there is more competition with material coming from north of Thailand. Today, their worse enemy is plastic. Since the last 10-15 years, their production decreased a lot because people prefer using polluting plastic rather than handmade pottery. Naturally the prices are very different but that should not be a reason! By 2050, because of our crazy plastic production (helped by the overfishing industry) there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans! Humans, we are irresponsible.


The company, owns by a family, tries to diverse itself and create more colourful product to attract clients but it’s not working as good as they wish.


Colourful AND funny products!


Garden seats and table :-)


Pita asked to the manager if we could visit the factory. The woman offered to do it herself. Very nice :-) Here are the oven. Yes, this is this very long tunnel.


This is where to pots go to be “cook”.


These two huge oven use firewood.


Freshly made pots.


Then she brought us to meet the artist. This woman is the only one who have the skills to decorate those big pottery.


That’s all handmade!


This big box on the right side is the gas oven. The temperature is higher than the firewood over. They use this one to “cook” ceramic pots.


There is not much people working today but seeing that space I imaging they can fit dozens of people here.


The milky way at day time :-)


This machine cuts the mud in big chunks, just the right size to make one pot.


This guy is making 250 pots per day, by hand!

2 minutes to make one! (the video runs twice faster).


That’s about 50 or 100 pots around here. I guess this evening, this place will be full. That’s it for today. This visit was interesting and the manager very nice to explain it all. Thanks!

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