Ratchaburi, Still working and learning on Adobe house


When I’m not visiting some places with Pita, I keep working on her house. Today I’m learning how to do my first window. Then we will keep doing some other walls. Stephane has left this morning to go to Bangkok. I’m going soon too for few days, only with my bicycle. I will leave most of my stuff here. Then I will come back for few days before we will be cycling with Pita towards Chiang Mai. She planned to visit her friends, stay there as long as she needs and then catch a train back here. After Chang Mai, I will have about 3 weeks left to arrive in Laos which should be long enough. That’s the plan! (kind of).


That’s a rough looking but once dry I will make it smoother.


That’s the window :-)


I’m proud of myself but that’s not finished yet.

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