Woolgoolga, first working day (updated)


Okay, today, first of January I’m going to work. There is a sign, a sign that I need money and I’m going to work a lot this year :-)


This is where I’ve spend New year’s eve, in my tent, sleeping. Yes because this morning I woke up at 5:40 to get ready to work at 7:30.


Let’s have a look to the beach. Is it different in 2014?


Nice Landscape. The beach is running until the corner, next to the city centre.


I’ve packed my tent and I’m looking now for a place to have my breakfast. This campsite looks very expensive, it’s in the middle of the city right on the beach. The thing I like is, there is not fence so customers can go outside so easily.


A place like this, yes it’s good :-) Few minutes ago I took the landscape from the other side of the bay. Hey! There is a shark! Nooo, just a rock ;-)


So, where is that working place. Google maps tells me that I’m not too far. On the right hand side they is already some tiny trees. Are they blue berries? I’ve no idea…


And I found the place!


I thought I was coming to talk at least few minutes but nothing like that. I had to junp at the back of the car and here we go.


I don’t know where we go but we are going :-$


Okay, we get to the place. There is already a dozen of guys working here so, let’s take a bucket and start picking blue berries


hmmm :-) Eight hours later many kilos of those nice anf tasty blue berries are on their way to be packed.


Yes, there is a lot!


And it’s very hot! Fortunately I could borrow a hat. We are working from 7:30am to around 3pm with thirty minutes break for the lunch. We get 5$ for one bucket (about 1,2kg of fruits). I did 15 buckets today. Well it’s not the best paid job but it’s better than nothing.


The first day of work is finished. Now I need to find a place to stay. And if it’s free it’s better :-) There is few kangaroos around. I’m surprised because Woolgoolga is a touristic place with many people around but these animals eat peacefully.


I’m still around the work area, out of the city center. There is a artificial lake and I expected to find a quiet place around but it’s too opened and visible here. I’m going around the city, there is many parks and small forest, I should find something.


Ahaaah! Found it! I was walking around and then I met John, a very nice guy. I found THE spot because I met him but it’s right next to his property so I wanted to have a chat with him and make sure he is nice. I’m very lucky because he is! What am I doing? Movibg away the branches which could damage my tent but the camera pickes a strange position…


And this is my new lounge :-) I just hope nobody will steal my stuff when I’m working. The area looks safe but we never know. See ya!

3 thoughts on “Woolgoolga, first working day (updated)

  1. Coucou Damien,
    je vois que la nouvelle année commence bien pour toi. déjà du travail, c’est bon signe. en plus tu as des admirateurs. ils sont élégants ces kangourous.
    bonne chance pour la suite, et ramasse beaucoup de seaux pour te faire plein d’argent. gros bisous.

  2. We bought blue berries at Woolies today, it might be picked by you?
    I want to try the blue berry picking, a couple of bucket of picking would be fun!

  3. Hey Damien ! blueberries! blueberries! its so yummy and its good for the tummy, 10 for the bucket, two for you, ( 3 for me x 10) and I’l be happy! :-D
    Good work and nice photos.

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