Woolgoolga, lounge visit


John is a kind person, he proposed me to use his water if I wanted and he gave me a chair. I can update my blog from outside my tent now :-)


I set up a string line for drying my clothes and I attached my trailer to the tree. This is a minimum but a nice adventure as I like :-)


This is the kitchen :-)


The bin.


The view on John property.


Ah, and when I came from Ciffs Harbour to Woolgoolga I found sone interesting stuff along the road like those road reflectors I stick on my trailer bag. Very easy to see me now.


And I found tow flip flop but not the same. One is new and I used a part of the other one to repair mine. Very useful to cycle along the highway sometimes :-D

3 thoughts on “Woolgoolga, lounge visit

  1. Your very organized, clean and tidy. I like that :-) The idea of ‘ Reflector very useful’ . The recyling of jandal repair = High 5 !
    Have a good day !

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