Woolgoolga, after the blue berries, the cucumbers, now it’s Banana time!


Today, we finished pruning the cucumbers (take off the bottom leaves to let the sunshine penetrate) and then we moved to another farm around Woolgoolga to work few more hours.


This is not picking but maintainance. As you can see, there is lots of grass and we are gonna cut it with…


… this! Mouhahaah


“Grass, you are gonna die today, sorry for that…”


Hey hey, Those bananas will be ready later but adding to the grass erasing we have to take care of those banana palm trees. A bunch is heavy and can reach 80 kilos. In that case the tree could simply fall down.


Like this one…


In that case, we take of the poles from an old banana tree…


Shop it down!


And set up the pole on one which needs to be sustain.


This is banana job and it’s difficult when it’s so hot like today. Few! a little break is good :-)

3 thoughts on “Woolgoolga, after the blue berries, the cucumbers, now it’s Banana time!

  1. Ah non !!! Tu avais promis : Pas les bananes ! Tu vas te faire de nouveaux copains remarque, : les mygales et les serpents ! Pas cool Damien avec ta mère ! Bon, allez, bon courage … à moi !

  2. Hey Damien! Banana, Banana :-D wow! its a big job. hope there are no snakes hanging around and yet very hot you need to drink plenty of water! :-)

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