Woolgoolga, animals, again…


Hmm, well, this is not the best post but some little things let strong and good souvenirs in the mind. It’s just remind me one more quiet afternoon, reading, chating with Pauline and John or like now annoyed the ants. Yes because my tent is always full of ants. They are everywhere, particularly when I forget a small bit of food in a corner. Those one live up on a branch between two leaves they stick together.


And when you shake it (anytime even 5am hahaah) they are alerted and run everywhere. Mouhahaah, this is my revenge!


This is the second “house they made”. They are piece and quiet but not for a long time ;-)


Oooh, baby Kangaroo :-)

Even in a video (‘was a long time :-)


Hmm, this is my best picture of a goanna. They are really not scary (for Lucie). I consider they are like cat : curious, lazy. Big advantage : they make no noise! I’ll take one back with me ;-)

4 thoughts on “Woolgoolga, animals, again…

  1. Hi Damien remember me ? I’ve browsed your blog its very interesting and it is very educational hopefully I can do that soon after I leave college.

    I miss Your crepes!!! :) Lolz

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