Woolgoolga > Coffs Harbour, second shopping trip with John


Hello! today nothing special but when I saw that thing I could not to take a picture! I’m now in Coffs harbour, in Kathmandu shop and when I reach the cabin to try a t-shirt I’ve seen that! I want the same in my future house! Definitively :-D


The Coffs Harbour’s city center.


Ok, Kathmandu was so expensive. I’ve seen one really cool t-shirt but the price was 71 dollars (if I paid 10$ to become a member). I was looking for merino t-shirt like I have now. Those ones were 199$!!! What!? So another idea is to look for cheap stuff around the OP Shop. John drop me off where there is four of them.


Sooner this afternoon, john was looking for a toothbrush handler which we found in Bunnings for 12$ (all ugly plastic made in China…). I’ve just found (and bought) this one for 50c hahaa. Ok it’s made in Tawain but it’s a lot nicer AND cheap. OP Shops/second hand shops are the best.


This is another one, the last and the big one but I didn’t find any Merino (Wool) t-shirts there.


Inside :-) Shoes 2$, T-shirt 3$, plastic boxes 50c and so on! See ya!

3 thoughts on “Woolgoolga > Coffs Harbour, second shopping trip with John

  1. Super le porte manteau vélo !! Avec tous tes nouveaux métiers tu devrais pouvoir te fabriquer ça dans quelques temps.
    En fait, tu as trouvé une Foire fouille/GIFI australienne ! Pas cher, mais … la qualité ??


  2. Hi Damien,
    I am in Rishikesh now. Mountains are beautiful, and many foreigners here include French and Japanese.
    This is very safe town, easy to go around. I eat yummy Indian foods everyday with around $2 or less.
    Many Japanese repeatedly come here for long stay, but I prefer Cairns. Topic suit me. :D
    See ya!

  3. J’ai jamais compris pourquoi les merinos type icebreaker coutent plus chers qu’en France. En Nouvelle Zelande c’est carrément pas bon marché d’acheter du merinos alors qu’ils n’exportent pas !!!

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