Woodburn > Chatsworth island (39km, 2h10)


This morning, wake up at 5:40am. It’s fresh, 20°, perfect for a ride. I’m reaching back the highway expecting a calm traffic. I want to ride two hours and then stop somewhere nice to have a break and start cycling again at the end of the day.


After two hours cycling I almost reaching the end of the highway. The road is wide so I had almost one way for me all along.

I was almost reaching the bridge to turn off and quit the highway when a woman waved me and invited me for a coffee. Well, why not! It’s even the perfect time for me :-)

This family is leaving in a house on a side of the highway, surrounded by sugarcane. I met Karen, Jeff, Jack and Kory. They are really nice and we talk about many subject during hours. Finally, I’m gonna sleep with them tonight and carry on tomorrow.

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