Upper Mongogarie > Woodburn (86km, 5h25)

Hey, after 3 month spending with Sue and Keith I’m coming on the road heading to Sydney to find a job. This trip should take me between two and three weeks I guess. This is a new adventure, let’s go!


bye bye everybody.

This is the road. A gravel one to start.

It’s flat and the sky is cloudy. A good day to train again.

I’ve the summer high way and I’m now travelling, enjoying the small roads.

Is there any job here? No, I want to go forward a bit before.

Aie! Google showed me that road, the lagoon road, but it’s a private one.

I must turn left and go around. It will be a bit longer but nothing dramatic.

Cokari! The first village next to a river.

I’m visiting a bit, snaking around to find a good spot.

A good spot to have lunch!

I come back to my simple meal. Rice, tomato, carrot.

I met a couple after lunch who explain me that the road I wanted to take is not a road but a track along the beach. There is 20km to get to a campsite and then approximately 15km ride on the beach. I don’t want to do that so my last chance is to go on the pacific highway which is certainly crowded or come back on the summer way which is far from here and behind me. I’m going to Woodburn and then I will decide.

I’m still following the smallest road as I can to avoid the traffic. It’s working well until now.

And the river is still hete as well.

Woodburn, 1pm, it’s time to stop, the sun is coming back.

A short visit around to city which is mainly one road, the crowded pacific hightway.

Let’s have a rest … I’ve just realised that I’ve forgotten my towel, again… this the third one in 18 months. I will by one in Grafton if I don’t find one along the road before :-)

It’s now 4:30pm and I continue towards the “gap road”, the one witch goes to the coast throught Bundjalung National park. Hmm, this car has a problem…

Okay. Final decision : I’m not going on to the coast because I don’t want my bike to get damage by the sand. I don’t have any spare chain so yes, I’m gonna sleep here, in that field.

Tomorrow I will start cycling at 6am to avoid the traffic on the pacific high way. I’ve got 40km to do before joining another quiet road. Good night :-)

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie > Woodburn (86km, 5h25)

  1. Damien, its good to see you in your bike again, nice photos and hope you can find a job in Sydney. Good luck with your new venture. By the way nice hair cut. :-)
    Have a safe journey!

  2. Et allez c’est reparti le cycling ! pas trop dur après 3 mois d’abstinence ?? Pour nous, c’est un avantage, car de nouvelles photos magnifiques vont défiler de nouveau sur ton blog ! Lol. Bon courage !

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