Whakaki > Putorino (87km, 6h)

Today is one of the most difficult day. It’s cold, rainy, hill and long and long. There nothing special here. Only nature, roads, fields. Nothing to visit so I don’t want to spend so much time. At the beginning I wanted to take 4 days to join Napier but 3 could be possible if I push myself. I’ve rode 20 km onto the flat and this hill separates me to Waiora, the next town. I know already because the guy from the shop where I stopped yesterday told me everything about the road.


Without any surprise, that’s Wairoa :-)

They moved the old lighthouse on the city centre. Good decoration :-)

The river’s shape is like a ‘U’ and the town is inside. I’m hungry now. That’s a good place to have a break. Let’s go!

One carrot, one sandwich, one banana and I’m continuing my visit along the ‘U’.

Wouhaaa! This slope is so big! Maybe I should follow the railway because it’s flat.

Oufff! It take me 30 Min to ride 3km… but, BUT, I was taking that picture when a voice call me : ‘hey’. I looked into the direction and a man was standing above me, 30m there with is camera front of his face. Okay… Am I famous? Then with a big smile he dropped down his camera and I recognised John from Ruatoria! The who teach me how to carve bones. What a good surprise! He is going by car toward the south and we met here on the road! Crazy!

That’s my last picture for today because it will rain all the test of my trip and I have something else to think about : find a place where to sleep safely. But that bridge is so huge! There is nothing about it in my book, what a pity! Since I’ve done 50km I’m tired but there is no place where I can stay around. I know there is a camp near to Putorino and I know I have to make at least 84km + 5 maybe to reach the free doc camp. Finally, I arrived to Putorino almost completely tired. After 1km on a little road, this one separated itself in two ways. So I asked to a family which one I had to choose to reach the doc camp and the guy told me to follow the right one until the end for 1,7 or 17km. He wasn’t sure but the difference is huge! Finally I decided to come back in the “center” of Putorino (10 houses) and set up my tent (under the rain) in the rugby field Behring the sport building. I didn’t have the time to find my place tat two boys came and invite me to have a hot drink and put my tent in their garden. Thank you :-) and good night! I’m really tired now…

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