Gisborne, visit around and fireworks

Today, I take one day to visit Gisborne. The weather is nice and warm. It a good occasion for a visit… by bike sure, always :-) Tonight we will have a party on the beach with everybody. Guy Fawkes Night is an old English event celebrated each year on the evening of November 5th with bonfires, fireworks and family gatherings.

I start by the beach. The information centre was just next to and I didn’t expected to have the beach so close. That’s great. There is a hill there, I’m going to go on the top :-)

Come back in 1769 when Mister Cook was navigated along the coast identifying the New Zeland’s map. Our British man arrived here with his boat to take food. But he has a little problem with the Maoris, certainly because he was thinking : “I’m the boss”, the Maori people kicked his ass. Then, he came back on his boat and continue his trip without the food. So he decided to call this place “bay of poverty”. The Maoris wanted to rename the site Tauranga Nui a Kiwa on the honor of Kiwa, a Polynesian ancestor who had been discovered the island a long time ago but “bay of poverty” stayed… It’s not cool mister Cook!

After spending something like 2 hours in all electronic shops of Gisborne I’m finally going up to the top. Yes because I have another problem with my phone. It’s not working anymore because the battery is empty and I needed a special cable to continue recharging of with my bike. And I found it! I’m sure it’s impossible to get one today but the Vodafone guy give me an old one he has in a secret place Behring the shop. I’m really SO lucky :-) So, humm, OK where I was… ah yes the hill :-)

And that’s it :-). The top of the pop! I took the first picture from the beach there, front of here. Yes yes :-)


And a closer look to the city. The first day when I arrived, I was eating next to the river, on the right after the two bridge, near to the bunch of trees.

The bay and the container boat. The logging truck are dropping the wood here and the boat will go somewhere.

Yes, that’s this boat I’m talking about in case you didn’t see it haha :-)


Who is he? It’s strange but it’s not Cook. And the panel said that they don’t know who is he.

That’s wonderful!

I’m going down now to visit the city.

I like this house but so big.

I’ve learnt a new word today : roaming (Aviron). And it could be a perfect sport for me to be equilibrate haha :-)

Rich people live here, oooh yes.

That cute pack is front of the river and the Roaming teacher is waiting for his students. It’s really quite here. It’s the last picture of the visit because…

… now I’m on the beach with Jane, Chris, Tareg, Manuka, Brownie and Jane’s friend :-)

And the sky is wonderful!

The part of the team :-). The fire is already burning and we have so much wood for all the night, cool!

Next to us, children are making a big fire as well and they would like to burn the big branch but it looks like it’s too heavy for them. Come one, ho hiss, ho hiss!

Our fire is quiet now but still really warm! So good :-)

Can you feel it?


Hey, Tariq :-). Like a real English man with his cup of tea :-)

Chris and Tariq thoughtful front the fire.

The guy with the stick he’s not Jesus but Norman :-)

Çagda, when you will a professional with the things you have bought, the next step is fire!

There is many active fires now around us :-)

On the over side as well! And all the children are still alive :-)

Our fire is best because Norman is taking care about it every second ;-)

And it’s time for fireworks! There is not any official fireworks organised by the Gisborne so everyone can participate. All the beach is on fire!


The double ‘n’.

The “ooOoOoo” and “OoOO”

We wan to do the same! Give me one, give me one! :-)

Jane’s artistic performance. Few minutes before she was really on fire so she laid down on he grown. Good reflex!

The final!

Everybody is concentrating onto the fire :-)

It’s time to come back because children have school and adults work. I’m the only one in holiday but tomorrow I’m going to continue my trip toward the south so it’s a good time for me. Tariq propose to Chris and me to come back by walk. That’s a good idea and a double good idea because the car is full. But Chris doesn’t have any shoes so we will be two. I had a good walk and talk with Tariq. Chris and Tariq are the perfect example proving to everybody than the war is creating by the government and the money. Chris is from California and Tariq from Afghanistan. That’s interesting.

3 thoughts on “Gisborne, visit around and fireworks

  1. Hello Damdam ! I have research photographie man who put his hand in this jacket, and who has a strange hat on his head, but I am find nothing. Bah! If he’s not him, he is his brother !! I don’t understand how your friends juggle with fire without burn themself!
    The color of ocean is really beautiful, it seems the Verdon! lol

  2. I took the picture of the panel to remember the story of the statue guy who anybody knows put my picture was blur…
    They don’t burn themselves because they don’t touch the fire. Jane used “Bolas” it’s a chain with a ball on fire at the end and the over guy handle some sticks. The sane we put on cocktails or we use for birthday party. It’s it more clear now ? :-)

    See ya :-)

  3. Hey Damien! Wacthing your Gisborne adventure with Jane and the Family, the Guy Fawkes celebration ! You have a good fun! :-) nice photos, vedeo and Jane photo dancing with the fire! Awesome!

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