Gisborne, painting, second day

Today the weather is unstable but we should finish to paint the house before Jane, Manila and Brownie come back. They will a good surprise, a new yellow house :-) Finally around 3 or 4 pm we did it! There is one more layer to put on the preview green color but the main part is done and we can see the result :-)

4 thoughts on “Gisborne, painting, second day

  1. Hi Dam!

    How are you doing? You take a rest after painting the house? Great color! Your pics of Tolega bay are beautiful, like always! But like Max I didn’t found the spider! Ahah! Spider rocks! The sheeps “affalés” in the grass make me laught and I like your video of the brebis babies in live! Your pizzas look very appetizing! Miam! You’ll give the recipes, didn’t you? ;-)
    You should open a restaurant in a beach with croissants and pizzas “a volonté”!
    Are you going to stay a little bit with this new family you met?
    I wish you new adventures and a lot of happiness!
    Take care! See you soon! :-)

  2. Hello Marie, I’ve took one day off after my painting weekend. I’m actually answering you front of the ocean :-) close to Napier. I will stay here few days I to visit the “art deco” city. The pizzas was good but not perfect. And I found the recipe on internet like croissant :-). Open a restaurant ? Me? Oh no i’m too slow for cooking :-). See ya! It’s raining again, rah!

  3. hello Damien
    j’ai trouvé l’araignée et en faisant un zoom sur la photo on la voit très bien. en attendant de nouvelles photos de ton voyage. tu continues à nous faire rêver.
    bisous de nous quatre

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