Putorino > Napier (60km, 3h30)

Today I should arrive to Napier where I will stay view days and at least take a shower haha :-) There is different things to visit here and if I’m lucky I could work as well :-) Here we go! There is vineyards everywhere around Napier. French catholics missioners have planted the first vineyards in 1851 and import Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Cabernet, Merlot and others. Hawke’s bay is the region for Nicolas Gregoire :-)


So, I wanted to have one day off around Putorino but the family where I stayed last night recommended me to continue my way because if it’s still raining the road could be close… I didn’t want to get stuck there so I’m still sitting on my saddle for few hours.

The lake Tutira :-) The family’s mother, Catherine, told me that the road was mostly flat with a long easy hill before Napier but until now it’s not really like this… the feeling is totally different when you drive.

Oufff! I’m on the middle of the “long easy hill” and it’s steep and hard! Maybe 350m high. I will do it!

To the top and always surrounded by sheep :-)

Hey, I’m on the coast again :-). The slope after the submit was good. I can Napier from here, I think…

And it still cold and rainy…

A bit of colour in all that grey…


I would prefer to take this road that the main one. I’ve seen a guy few minute ago, I can ask him.

Ah, the first vineyards, I’m definitively getting closer of Napier :-)

On the other side of the road, the same view…

Ah, it should be the road the guy was talking about. There is a concrete path all along the beach until Napier.

Before continuing, a little sandwich break should be a good idea. And i have network on my phone finally. Marie G. I’m answering you in live! :-)

Napier, I’m coming!

I found the concrete path and I’m almost arrived.

It’s better than the main road.

The harbour.

The Napier sailing club, 1st turn left (strange name :-)

Zebra landscape.

That’s the Kennedy street the main road. The campsite is somewhere.

I’m arrived :-) I will stay here at least 1 night to take a shower and maybe I will come back at the entrance of the city where there is grass and toilet for free. I will see.

  • Me : Hello, how much is it for one night, one tent, one person.
  • The receptionist (with a big smile) : Hi, it’s 38$.
  • Me : For 1 night, 1 person, 1 tent, 1 night?
  • Her : yes (big smile)
  • Me : OK… good bye (big smile, I’m polite)

What?!! Are they crazy!! I will find an other place.

This place is much better! On my way back on the palm trees avenue (Kennedy street) I saw a bicycle shop where I stopped to verify my chain. The guy announced me a good new and a bad one. Good, my chain is not finished yet. So I don’t have to change it now.
Really bad : My cassette (pignons arrières) is dead and I know why now. Since 800km maybe, I had a noise on my bike without knowing where it was coming from exactly. When I was in Whakatane, I asked to a guy in a bicycle shop and he just said “hm hm”. He didn’t want to verify. The cassette was unscrew and was moving during I was cycling. So I’ve ruined my chain and the cassette much faster than normal. Now I have to buy a new one and it coast between 125$ and 500$ gloups! So I’ve commanded one for 165$ + the tool to fix it in case it happens again (17$). But now I know, I’m learning and crying bouhouuhouu! During 8 days I spent almost nothing and I was so proud and suddenly… boom! 200$ :-$
So finally, about this picture… haha :-). I asked in the bicycle shop if they new a place where to camp. And after some call they found this place for 18$ a night. And like Kerikeri, I could work next week if I want. I have to figure out about it but I should be a good opportunity because I limit limit with my budget.

For the first time since almost 5 month, I’m not the only one to camp :-) . And I know already 2 people here! Arnaud and Nataly. I me him in Kerikeri 4 month ago and we met again here. There is so many different place to sleep in Napier and we see each other again, whoua! :-) Nataly didn’t a job in Kerikeri so they moved in Tauranga (we were there on the same time as well!) And then they came in Napier because the work will start soon.

The garden is not so big but a found a good place :-) Tomorrow, I’m going to visit Napier :-) cool! And I will spend 200$ for my bike, not cool! :-) see ya!

2 thoughts on “Putorino > Napier (60km, 3h30)

  1. Hello! Go, go to the work! What go to be made? “Vendanges” ? You go to compet in France with wine, hein, bad boy !! No, no the best wine is in France! Hips. Why “Art Deco Capital” ?

  2. Art Déco because it’s the new style they choose after the earthquake of 1931. I put the pictures so you can see :-)
    They call it “capital” certainly because it’s the first city like that inNZ, I suppose.

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