Wellington, mount Victoria at night

Today, I had two options : go to the cinema to the “The Hobbit” or go with Christian to admire the view from the Mount Victoria at night. That’s better to go outside :-) That’s nice but so windy here! The forecast said that it should have winds with 180km/h this night… I’m afroad about my tent. There is already 3 tent broken in the campsite…

Why they put a Jesus Christ cross here? Not everybody believe in god! It’s not fair! I don’t like this


Yes, I could almost fly with that wind!

To come here, we took a path in the forest but Christian doesn’t to take the same so we will take the road but it will be certainly longer. It’s 10:40pm and tomorrow Stella, Thomas and Christian leave at 6:30am, aïe! Good night :-)

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