Wellington, backpacker visit

I had to take one picture of this campsite, smaller than Napier with two times much tents! We just keep a little place to sit down :-) no tent here please :-)

Where are you going Rob?

I didn’t take all the pictures the same day so it’s normal that it’s suddenly dark and cloudy haha :-) The campsite is on my left hand side. That’s the main dormitory building.

This place is like a factory! So many room and stairs!

But I like the architecture. There is paths everywhere with small little doors sometimes.

From here we can go everywhere.

And the view on the city centre is nice :-)

This is the kitchen. Christian, when he arrived here was upset because there is no oven in that place, aïe! How can we cook our bread now? It’s a long time now we didn’t buy bread :-) and it’s was cool and cheap!

The dinning room.

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