Wellington, botanic garden > city centre

Today I thought we will visit the botanic garden together with Alex, Philou and Aline but I misunderstood something… Finally they had to repair the van they are renting because it has many little problems that need to be fixed.

No problem I will go alone.

The garden is on the opposite side of Mount Victoria.

The view is nice as well :-)

A women asked me to take a picture of her with these flower because it’s the symbol of new Zealand. I didn’t know that.

So, let’s have a picture too :-)

Oh, I would like to come in a observatory but I’m sure it’s expensive. I don’t want to see the price.

Another part?

On the other side of the hill the garden continue until I don’t know where… I don’t want to go so far because I have to buy something in the city centre before 5pm.

Strange trunk.

And same strange flower.

But good for macro :-)


So, I continued walking and visiting toward the centre.

Wellington is green, I like :-)

I try to find my way and no get lost.

Ah, I’ve reach one of the shopping street :-) enough pictures for today :-)

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  1. On a plein de ces fleurs rouges chez nous, elles sont belles, mais je ne savais pas qu’elles √©taient originaires de la Nouvelle Z√©lande ! J’ai appris quelque chose aujourd’hui !

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