Wellington, few pics

Actually, I’m doing the same thing everyday : cycling, finding some shop to buy what I need before I leave wellington, fixing stuff, coming back to the train station to ask for my keys, going to the museum to get the free WiFi and upload my blog. Busy days! Sometimes I take the time to picture of the city :-)


Cuba street with many little shops, bars, artists and restaurants.

Not far from the backpacker.

Everywhere in Wellington we can see something about the movie “The Hobbit”. But this decoration it the biggest I’ve seen until now.

Another point of view :-)

3 thoughts on “Wellington, few pics

  1. Hey Damien!
    Thanks for all these pics wich are so great!
    Good cheers for all the stuff you have to repair and receive. I hope you’ll have your keys soon :-) And what about your dinamo? I hope that it will be more solid to continue your trip with serenity :-)
    Have a good day, see you later Dam :-)

  2. hello Dam ! je ne sais plus si je t’ai déjà souhaité une bonne année 2013 alors je le fais ou le refais !!!! nous avons bien reçu ta carte :) merci :) à bientôt!! bisous !!

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