Wellington > Picton (by ferry) > Anakiwa (21km, 1h24)

Hey, it’s 7am and I’ve just arrived to the blue bridge ferry company. Today I’m going to south island where I’m gonna spend at least 5 months.


The ticket cost me 56$ and I paid 10$ for the bike and 10$ for the trailer as excessive baggage. Next time I’ll try to paid just for the bike because they verify nothing at all.

Ready! Now I have to wait because passengers and bikes enter after the cars, trucks and other engine stuff.

OK, my bike is safe.

Here we go! That’s around Wellington and it’s grey…

With some colors…

With some style :-)

Ah, we are going out of Wellington harbour now.

Without any transition, we ate now closed to south island. The voyage between the capital and Pic ton is about 3h30. I had time to watch a movie, read and eat a breakfast for 10$, gloups! But I was so hungry!

Now the weather is really nice :-)

But those mountains look dry.

Front boat view.

Another one. We are in the sounds and the water doesn’t look like ocean water but more than lake water.

South island landscape.

Large view.

On the boat.

That’s oyster or shell exploitation.

That’s a nice place to sail.

Really nice :-)


Fortunately, we can go everywhere and choose our favorite point of view.

Ah, that’s another ferry there.

Oh, yes, it is :-)

That’s the other company Interislander. It’s a bit more expensive than bluebridge.

Big boat…

Pic ton is there :-)

Looks really small surrounded by all the mountains.

There is a little beach and a port, looks cute.

Rear view. It’s wonderful!

It’s time to leave, hello south island :-)

Finally, just after the ferry, I met Josiane from Quebec. She is also cycling around NZ and we are waiting for a guy she met on the boat.

We are in a little cafe where one Cocacola cost 4$30…

Finally we never see the guy and decided to do Queen Charlotte track together.

So, let’s go. The view is already wonderful around Picton.

Whouaaa! There is so many little bays all along the road, that’s nice :-) and for the first time, I swam in NZ :-)

We were cycling toward a camp when a guy (Denis) proposed us to camp in his garden for free. His house is further above us. The view is soooo perfect here and we are going to have a good peace night :-)

Installation :-). What a mess everywhere. I’m changing my tires because tomorrow we will do the Queen Charlotte track, a beautiful famous track in NZ. We can almost see Josiane :-)

That A super place to camp :-) thank you Denis. But his neighbour passed next to us with his new cleaned four wheels and told us that the place here is private. He doesn’t look really nice. And he doesn’t know that Denis and how wife Jude owned this piece of grass. Good night!

2 thoughts on “Wellington > Picton (by ferry) > Anakiwa (21km, 1h24)

  1. Hello Damien ! Quel plaisir d’avoir de tes nouvelles. Dis donc, tu parles d’une vue ! C’est un coup à pas dormir de la nuit pour rester à la contempler ! Dommage, tu n’as pas pris de photos de ton bain, ni de Josiane d’ailleurs Tu en parles, mais on ne sait pas la tête qu’elle a ! Lol. Bon, j’espère que le voisin de Denis ne vous aura pas fait décamper en pleine nuit !
    Gros bisous. A bientôt sur ton blog !

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