Anakiwa > Queen Charlotte track (23,5km, 2h08)

Today, we planed to ride on Queen Charlotte track. It’s a walkway track available for mountain bikers but the last part is actually close for us because of the high tourist season. It’s one of the beautiful track in New Zealand and it’s 4 days by walk for one way and 2 or 3 days by bike with the way back.

This place is nice :-)

If we were rich, we could also rent a kayak and visit the sounds coast.

OK, we are ready :-)

That’s really better than the road. Fortunately, we found a place to let some of our stuff to be lighter.

If I could I will ride New Zealand only like this :-)

Whouoo! The view is already nice!

Panoramic view.

The track is getting tiny and I like this :-)


South island starts well!

OK… I’m happy but tired.

Lucky guys!

Other panoramic view.

It’s a bit difficult to see but there is some shell exploitation just front of us. A single line of 100 m can support 25 tonnes of shells! That’s enormous! The Nelson region is famous for this product.

Yes it’s always the same landscape but wouhaaa :-)

We are closed to the half part of the track and it’s already something like 4pm. Some part are steep and we have to push the bikes even if we are lighter.

Finally we stopped in Nikau, the halfway of the track. It’s difficult, nice and the scenery is always the same. We met a woman few minutes ago and she told us about a cyclist that Josiane knows. She is staying in that camp.

I didn’t dare to take a picture of her but that how she is travelling : a folding bike and less stuff as possible. May is really brave!

We have almost this beach for us and we are in summer!

Haaa fresh! That’s a good day :-)

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