Queen Charlotte track > Anakiwa (27km, 3h05)

Finally, we won’t go at the end of the track. At first, we took the road the change and enjoy another scenery. Then we came back by the same path as yesterday toward Anakiwa.


Josiane needs regularly to check her bike because it’s a road bike and it doesn’t like so much this rough path. Yesterday, she lost a screw and both of us didn’t take any tools because we didn’t communicate on this point haha. Good team :-)

Today it’s cloudy. Please rain, come later!

The same track as yesterday. This part is nice because we can go faster without pushing the bikes.

That’s one of the DOC campsite along the Queen Charlotte track. Where are the people? It’s summer and no one is camping. Maybe they are all at the end.

And hop, we are in Anakiwa, on the way to meet Denis and Jude again. It’s a long time I’ve didn’t take picture of original letterbox.

At the beginning, we planned to come back take our stuff and continuing travelling but the rain stars and we stayed longer. Jude cooked for us, we had a hot shower. This couple is so kind, cool and quiet. Their house is totally ecologic : they have solar panel, compost toilets, stream water, bees, garden and a very nice view. They even propose us to sleep on the top of the hill tonight because they build a little shelter there. Wouhaou! Thanks a lot!

It’s dark but the view… The view!

Ooh! So nice!

There is nothing around! Just nature and the view :-)

From the shelter. The path was steep. Jude and Denis come here almost everyday. They should be really fit!

I like the car’s seats on the roof :-)

Picture :-)

Second one :-)

This place is marvellous! Thank you so much Jude and Denis for your kindness :-) I couldn’t expected something like this.

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