Anakiwa > Renwick (48km, 2h20)

This night was good but so windy. I even have dreamed that the shelter was blower up by the wind. Now it’s raining and it’s difficult to find the motivation for going out, take the bikes and continue travelling…

Around midday, the rain stopped a bit so it’s a good time to leave.

No transition. We finally left Anakiwa with plenty of souvenirs. We cycled more than 2 hours under the rain, fortunately with the wind behind us but now everything is wet.

It never stopped raining! I want sun!

My guitar is learning how to swim…

Finally, we found a backpacker in that little town but it’s expensive. We need a room because our tent and clothes are wet but the dorms are full. The guy proposed us to sleep in the reading safari room for the price of tent site.

It’s acceptable and we are in a dry place. Hope it won’t be so cold! Good night.

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