Renwick > St Arnaud (68km, 5h30)

Today, the sun came back, finally! We are almost ready to go but before, a visit around the backpacker :-) The kitchen is nice, clean and useful. I made some bread yesterday so we will have something good to eat later.

The lounge.

The terrace.

Our room for the last night. Was good, I sleep really well even better than in my tent.

I’m ready to go :-). Josiane?

Hey sheep, it was a long time :-)

This one is really friendly and wanted almost to go with us. Ohohoo! Calm down man!

Simple view : olive trees, vineyards and mountains.

This road is soooo straight and we are just front of the wind… I don’t like that.

First break.

Good scenery.

There is definitely less people and houses here.

The road still look the same.

Nice :-)

Fiou! It looks easy but it was an hard day and we are happy to arrive. This road is pain to the ass.

Really crowded place like every time.

Good night :-)

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