St Arnaud > Rainbow track hut (67km, 5h30, 1068m)

Today we are going on the Rainbow track. It’s a track of 120km which pass by the middle of south island toward Hammer Springs. We should do it in two days if the weather is nice with us. I’m just a bit worried about something… If it’s called “rainbow track” that means there is rain… Aïe…


Firstly we had to start by the long barring, annoying road with the wind front of us but only for 15 km. Now we enter on the Rainbow track :-)

It’s much nicer than the road and the wind is behind us this time.

This landscape is huge and there is nothing around.

Apart electric line distribution that we are following…

We’ve just crossed that river bared foot but that group seams to have a problem to do it. They were going front of, testing the water and speaking together. They looks to be scout, learning scout.

So, we are continuing our trip and the mountains are getting higher and higher.

This road is nice, no noisy car or just sometimes.

What is that? A shiny green “scarabé”?

This is the place of our break. The river is not so far and the landscape is still beautiful.

This time there is no fence for the cows and it’s better like this because they are not afroad.


3 motor bikers on the way.

Another deep river to cross. Not really deep but too deep to ride it directly.

The solution like before push the bike and walk in that cold water.

And we are continuing. It nice because it’s going slightly up and down through the mountains with something to admire every time.

The travellers :-)

The view from a bridge.

In the nature.

Through the mountains.

The no name falls :-)

Yes ok, it’s always the same but I have the live version in my mind when I see those pictures :-)

We shouldn’t be far from the hut now.

Josiane seams definitively smalls surrounded by this landscape :-)

We are on the moon :-)

The hut is there!

This gravel road is going somewhere else but that’s enough for today.

Zoom and wouhaou!

Final destination! We made it :-)

This place looks nice.

Oh yes, perfect :-) and we are going to make a fire and a tea :-)

We are into the nature and it’s cool :-)

360° visit in live :-)

And this sky is wonderful!

And after 10 minutes it’s getting red.

So red!

And then it’s getting blue!

This part is like a fake blue, so powerful! Good night, we have to eat, oh yes, eating!

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  1. Hello ! A lot of photos to look at today ! yes ! Cows won’t give milk because they are under electric line !
    I see you in summer clothes, when I have my poor feet very very very cold !! Lol

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